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Ghost in Kerhonkson?

The above photo is one of the five taken on April 5, 2005 from the east side end of the Kerhonkson Bridge by our neighbor John C. Motzer Sr. Very interesting — considering this quote from The Old Mine Road by Charles Gilbert Hine (Rutgers University Press, 1963, p. 67):

"It seems that John Kettle was murdered by the Indians near the east end of the Kerhonkson bridge, and for many years thereafter his ghost haunted the bridge on dark nights. There is an old gentleman still living in this neighborhood who bears testimony to the fact that in early days several persons had seen Kettle's ghost on the bridge — there can be no doubt but that it was the ghost of Kettle and no other, because those who saw the vision said it was. It must have been most inconvenient to meet a ghost midway of a covered bridge, and particularly when one could not be quite sure whether it was a ghost or a bit of surreptitious moonshine come in by way of a knothole, at least not sure of it until he got the telling of it at the vilage store."

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