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The Second Annual Jennie Bell Pie Festival

Jennie Depuy Bell, 1915-2004, whose family was among the original settlers of what is now the town of Rochester, was well known for her wonderful homemade pies. Jennie often donated her time and energy to bake many pies for the Rochester Reformed Church dinners, community events, and of course, her family. Pie making looked easy when Jennie was in the kitchen, but anyone who has tried, knows that much practice and expertise is required.

Jennie Bell was also much appreciated for patiently helping others, both young and old, to master the pie making skill. One of her secrets to a good pie... serve it the same day that it is made!

Maria Reidelbach — who brought us Chomsky, the world's largest garden gnome — wearing a wonderful hat... wait! it's the tree behind her.

Dorothy Summer, the winner of second prize in children's talent show.

Carol Dennin, Director, Youth Department and Community Center.

Judge Jon, Judge Jennie, Judge John, and the judged pies.

Valerie Weaver, Assistant to Director, Youth Department and Community Center and Pam Duke, Town of Rochester Supervisor.

David O'Halloran, sharing a good story with Randy Hornbeck and Leon Smith.

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Busy Rochester? You bet!

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