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Heritage Day — a huge success!

The Heritage Day, sponsored by Friends of Historic Rochester, focused on Historic Main Street, Accord. On October 7 we remembered the days when today's Accord Post Office building was the site of Breslow's Pharmacy... we remembered Bea and Les Aaron's Luncheonette, Turner and Cohen's Grocery Store, Kanover and Layne's Grocery, Kolvenbach's Accord General and Soda Fountain... We remembered when Ronald Reagan came to town, and when Honda Motor Car Company used Kolvenbach's Accord General as the backdrop for introducing the world to its new model, the Accord...

The day's activities included breakfast and lunch at the Accord Fire House, showing of draft horses, a regatta on the Rondout Creek, art and quilt shows, pumpkin painting, candle dipping demonstration — all this while enjoying music by local groups. Everybody had a good time!

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Busy Rochester? You bet!

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