But the Shawangunks, the Blue Hills of the Indians, are as blue today as ever they were, and still somehow never the same color five minutes running; so serene are they, so fatherly, that some of us cannot bear to leave them even to drive into Kingston twenty miles away.

— George Sumner Albee

Town of Rochester's Attractions

Our town encompasses a number of hamlets, each with unique characteristics and attractive points.

Some of the features are rather unique — such as our trails and scenic walkways created where railroads once crisscrossed our region. Parts of this area are also famous beyond the agriculture or the scenery.

The area offers many relaxing and recreational options, both indoor and outdoor attractions — from hiking the miles of mountain trails to horseback riding, from browsing in a store to going to a farm to pick-your-own produce or get super-fresh bakery items, milk, eggs, or maple syrup...

Accord Speedway

Kelder's Farm

Pinegrove Ranch

Skate Time 209


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