Properties within the Town of Rochester listed on the

National Register of Historic Places

Baker, Sebastian, Stone House
(#96000136, listed 1996-02-22)
10 Dug Road

Barley, Zachariah, Stone House
(#95000951, listed 1995-08-10)
193 Whitfield Road

Common School No. 10
(#88001439, listed 1988-09-15)
Northside of Upper Cherrytown Road, Accord

Davis Stone House
(#99000995, listed 1999-08-12)
4652 Route 209

DuPuy, Ephriam, Stone House
(#95000952, listed 1995-08-10)
193 Whitfield Road

Dupuy, J., Stone House
(#97000110, listed 1997-02-21)
Krum Road, West of junction with Queens Highway

Hoornbeck, Jacob, Stone House
(#97000108, listed 1997-02-21)
Boice Mill Road, junction with Krum Road

Hornbeck Stone House
(#95000957, listed 1995-08-10)
149 Whitfield Road

Krom Stone House and Dutch Barn
(#95000955, listed 1995-08-10)
Airport Road

Krom Stone House
(#95000954, listed 1995-08-10)
31 Upper Whitfield Road

Krom Stone House
(#95000950, listed 1995-08-10)
45 Upper Whitfield Road

Krom, Lucas, Stone House
(#95000953, listed 1995-08-10)
286 Whitfield Road

Markle, Jacob F., Stone House
(#95000948, listed 1995-08-10)
335 Whitfield Road

Middaugh--Stone House and Dutch Barn
(#94001514, listed 1994-12-29)
aka Benjamin Rider House, 476 Mill Road

Rider, Johannes, Stone House
(#95000956, listed 1995-08-10)
7 Upper Whitfield Road

Sahler Stone House
(#99000992, listed 1999-08-12)
Kyserike Road

Sahler Stone House and Dutch Barn
(#99000998, listed 1999-08-12)
Winfield Road

Sahler, J., House
(#97000118, listed 2000-05-01)
NY 209, SW of junction with County Road 63

Schoonmaker Stone House and Farm
(#97000109, listed 1997-02-21)
Samsonville Rd., near junction of NY 76 and Cherrytown Road

Schoonmaker, C. K., Stone House
(#97000107, listed 1997-02-02)
294 Queens Highway

Stilwell Stone House
(#99000996, listed 1999-08-12)
189 Old Kings Highway

Stilwill - Westbrook Stone House
(#99000997, listed 1999-08-12)
482 Old Kings Highway

Terwilliger - Smith Farm
(listed 2002-12-03)
160 Cherrytown Road

Van Wagenen Stone House and Farm
(#99000994, listed 1999-08-12)
2732 Lucas Turnpike

Van Wagenen, Jacobus, Stone House
(#99000999, listed 1999-08-12)
2659 Lucas Turnpike

Westbrook, Dirck, Stone House
(#95000949, listed 1995-08-10)
18 Old Whitfield Road

Winfield Corners Stone House
(#99000993, listed 1999-08-12)
Winfield Road

Friends of Historic Rochester

is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic heritage of the Town of Rochester.

The Museum and library building, located at 12 Main Street, Accord, NY — the center of FHR's activities — is named for two of the original Friends who strongly promoted the establishment of a museum for the Town:
Percy W. Gazlay II and Eleanor S. Rosakranse.

In 2005, the Museum acquired the extensive Eleanor Rosakranse Genealogical Research Collection which is comprised of hundreds of books and documents. Mrs. Rosakranse spent nearly fifty years in genealogical research and bequeathed her collection to the Museum upon her death.

Anyone is welcome as a member of FHR. Basic annual dues are $20 and include a subscription to The Accordian, our quarterly publication on local history. FHR sponsors two annual events: History Day on the second Saturday in May, and Fall Festival House Tours on the first Saturday in October.

For more information, please call 626-7104 or 687-9998, e-mail us, or write to Friends of Historic Rochester, P.O. Box 229, Accord, NY 12404.

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